How Modern Life Became Disconnected From Nature

Research claims that human beings have become more disconnected from nature since the 1950s, despite its proven benefits. Studies also suggest that patients who needed minor surgeries needed fewer painkillers when hospital rooms were filled with flowers and foliage. They also reported less fatigue.

Although the benefits of getting connected with nature are very clear, we have been getting disconnected from it every day. With generation after generation knowing less wildlife species but can name all Pokemon characters. But how did it get here?


Urbanization clears natural environments and separates people from nature. The development of cities has turned many wild places that were “paradise” into their settlement. Studies have shown that the main cause of deforestation is urbanization.

Just in 40 years, 52% of the wildlife in the whole world has disappeared due to deforestation and human settlement into wild areas.

Recreational Activities

In the mid 19th century, television became the most popular mode of entertainment. It replaced natural activities such as children playing on green fields while adults spending afternoons with nature. To date, smartphones and computers have even done more worse in regards to the connection with nature. Many people prefer using phones all the time, even with the latest “virtual tours” instead of getting to the places physically and experience the beautiful nature.

There are several recreational activities that are conducted online, denying man’s attachment with nature through different natural activities.

Private Ownership

Huge fractions of nature in the modern world are owned privately. Those that can be accessed by the public have been restricted under laws and make it difficult to interact freely with nature. Parks, beaches, forests, and mountains, have been put under some kind of ownership restrictions. Many people, as a result, have moved far away from nature. “No trespassing” and “No way beyond” this point has been the common terms to restrict modern life with nature.

Causing More Harm

Human beings have personified the earth as an object that they keep destroying without caring anymore whether they are causing harm or not. The concept of Christianity made man believe that he owns the earth and everything in it. This has made man refer to other creatures as animals and treating them as wild, not forgetting that they are also animals. Pollution in the water bodies has been on a rise, not caring much about other creatures that need clean water and those that live in water.


Although it is evident that man in modern life has become disconnected from nature, it is impossible for him to completely separate himself from nature. As a matter of fact, the man himself is nature. It can be hard to change and get back connected with nature like in the 1950s but the situation can be improved to allow man to enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature.